How come my bio isn't working?



I'm trying to add stuff to my bio.
I edit it, it shows up good before I tap "Save Changes".
The when I tap it, it doesn't show up. And I scroll down, and it's on there.

Anybody else suffering this?

Of course this was going to be short, Nya~


This happens to me too. There's a blurred text in my bio that isn't blurred! I tried to fix it but this happened too! :0


Dun dun dun! :00
Sorry about that, I'm not sure what to do.


I even tried on @VanillaAngel.
It didn't work ;-;


On @VanillaAngel
It was supposed to say welcome, and all the other stuff. But now it's not on there.


No, it's not on there like it's supposed to be, Nya~

I tried multiple times.


Tag THT or email them! If multiple people are experiencing a bug, they should definitely know!


I ran into that a few times editing my bio.

You should try the following options:

  • Refresh the page- it's what worked for me.
  • Completely shut off your device and turn it back on again.
  • Email THT about the problem and see what they can do about it.


Let me check it now
It works for me