How come I have seen 3?


Since I have joined the forum not long ago, I have seen 3 people get suspended so far, and they all got suspended after being on the forum for less than a month. Can we not be nice to each other and abide by the community guidelines?
BTW- This is just me trying to promote people to be nice. Let's not turn this into a flame war.


And phase admin and t_t


Because 2016 and 2017 are just those horrible years you should just skip altogether


How long have they been suspended? I haven't been on the forum long.


Let's not talk about this. We shouldn't draw unnessecary attention to these people.


It is not just them; however those are the people I have seen. I just wish everyone would be as kind and generous as some people I have seen.


Maybe edit your post saying you have seen multiple people get suspended instead of saying the names.


I did. Thanks!


People get suspended for our safety, if someone continues to disobey the Hopscotch Community Guidelines. Some people (when they are suspended) just make another account, which I think shouldn't be allowed, they should suspend them under their IP address.

Some people just don't learn from their mistakes and suspending is what it really comes down to, sadly.


They do suspend then under IP addres.s but that's not hard to get around

If u have several different wifis in ur house then each wifi gives u a different ip


It's not about the wifi.


I know this sound really odd, but what is an IP adres.s?


Yeah it is (on here at least)

That's how ella avoided her suspension. Not this one but the last one when she was suspended for sharing her last name (but she never did but whatever)


It's sad, but idk why people do it so


Because I probably reported them due to violating rules.


Do you think reporting people is fun to do?
Have you asked them to stop before doing so?


That's what I said

I don't think he asks them to stop

He just reports anybody that he think is ella
He has something against her


I think we all have our suspicions on who is Ella :)
But that doesn't mean you should just flag whoever you think she is
That's just really hurtful.


Calling out names?


Everybody got it?