How come disposable emails are prohibited?



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How come these are prohibited? If these have to be prohibited, then can THT make a temporary email system? This is the only way to share passwords for Hopscotch accounts, which people need to do sometimes. Is this because of the rule against communication outside of the forum?






Please use the real OMTL!

They aren't allowed because it's still communication outside the forum.


I used the real OMTL.

What if THT added PMs to Hopscotch?


I made a topic about that on another account and everyone got mad at me for the idea.
Don't do it


I'm pretty sure the real OMTL isn't in abc order lol

It counts as communication outside of the forum, so it's not allowed. :)


I'm pretty sure someone actually did alphabetize it recently :P


I have the topic bookmarked how did I not know that XD


why did someone do that it has confused at least two people already XD


What if u know them IRL!?! Lolololol

  1. I think that kind of communication should be allowed, but it's not.
  2. That is the real omtl, da-beastly put it in abc order


Ah, I didn't see it was alphabetized, so it looked like it was just random tags. My bad.


I agree!

It is. I copied it from the official topic.