How close am I to Regular?



I know I'm pretty close! I really hope so! I just don't know how to check?

If you can tell me, that would be nice

No-one replies in any other thread!


Please post this in one of the other topics!


Nobody ever tells me in another thread!



Moderators can check, right?


We'll be patient! We don't want there to be to many topics about the same thing! @Kiwicute2016 please tell her and then can you close it?


Guys, Kiwicute2016 can't check until she's a mod.


Kwiwicute is a leader, and that is a higher trust level than mod.


No it isn't. A moderator is basically an admin.

It goes New User, Basic, Member, Regular, Leader, Moderator, Administrator (mod and admin don't have actual badges, but can be seen)


@admins this is getting out of hand! Please close!


BOT, I think you need to read, post, or like more things.


Thanks.... :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling: :slightly_smiling:


@moderators Just wanted to see something...




Oops. I didn't mean to close it.


No worries.


Well, it's open now, so (shrug)


Actually before you close it @moderators How far before I am a regular?