How can you tell if you're hacked?



I've been thinking about all the people saying they got hacked not only on hopscotch but any online thing and I was wondering "how can you tell if you've been hacked?" Well I don't know how many online medias do this but some will kick you out if someone else logs into your account while you're playing, so if you are getting kicked out of medias that means someone knows your login info.(yes that is called being hacked)
So a great tip to avoid being hacked is NEVER share your password.
So if you have more tips on avoiding being hacked or how can you tell if you are hacked share here


You can't tell if you're hacked on Hopscotch unless the hacker makes changes to your account, like deletes or publishes drafts. And to prevent being hacked, choose a strong password and don't share it with anyone. Emojis are good for passwords because computer software can't hack emojis.


Some hackers hack into people's account and do no harm but some hackers hack into people's account and do harm. If the hacker does no harm and leaves the account just as it is, you probably won't even know. But, if the hacker hacks and changes your drafts, liking and remixing projects, and following Hopscotchers, you'll definitely know. If you want to prevent from being hacked, choose a strong password but easy to remember and don't share with anybody. If you make an easy password, people can hack with one or two guesses.


hey you guys I am a sort of white hat hacker, you guys are doing this as if hackers are a big deal. no one currently has any spyware maliware or other embedded code inside of hopscotch. Ive checked myself and they only reason people think they are hacked is because from what i can tell, there passwords are weak. kiwikutes password was kiwikute! how stupid is it to blame haxors when haxors like me are macking sure you guys are safer than a turtle in its shell? does your password have numebrs and caps? is it actually safe? if not there is no reason you should be making a big deal. Like I said, I am an onofficial white hat and all I really do is check the hopscotch code from time to time, without permission, checking to see if you guys are safe here on hopscotch or not. You guys havenot had a security error ever! There is 0 reason to be worried that hackers want to hack hopscotch. ipads are security heavy, hopscotch isnt realy however, but anyways. hopscotch is one of the least likely targets for a hack attack. myself included. I really wouldnt hack hopscotch because its full of kids that scream at the sight of hackers. To easy for your cover to get blown and too easy to get arrested for digital harasment. dont complain unless its a thing. And its not currently a problem so stop pretending!!!


I'm just saying some people are being hacked. And I wasn't just talking about hopscotch. This was supposed to be helpful so people can be safe online and know when they get hacked so they can report the problem immediately. I'm not making a big deal and shouting out "HOPSCOTCH IS HACKED! It's the end" Sorry if I'm being rude:wink: I just didn't want you to think I am freaking out. And I was talking about bad hackers, not good hackers like you. So this WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE OFFENDING @chickenlord1501


The reason i knew I was hacked is because there was something that said that I published but I never did. So I knew that someone was in my account and they published it! That was a scary day :T


There's such a thing as good hackers! Like some people just hack to make sure other people don't get hacked (I think)!


They are called "White Hat Hackers"! Chickenlord1501 is one!


I have absolutely no idea


Sometimes you don't even know if you've been hacked. Hopscotchers would know if they were hacked if any hackers did anything to their projects and/or drafts.


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