How can you make something go in a circle?


Please respond as quickly as posible.


Make a new rule for the character, whenever you need it to go in a circle as the when. Repeat times 360: Move forward one, then Turn one.
You can also multiply 360 by how many times you need it to go in a circle, this is only for one circular motion.
I hope I helped!

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Thank you so much for the help!


@CreativeCoder this is a great explanation! You can make it even more helpful by adding a screenshot of the code since some people are visual learners :slight_smile:


Amazing work! Could you add some screen shots next time :slightly_smiling:


Sorry, the images messed up last time..

I honestly have no idea if that worked. I'm still new to uploading pictures. Sorry again!


@CreativeCoder I love the annotations and screenshots! Can I ask what app did you use? I usually use Skitch for my screenshots.


I just started using Skitch recently, but for these annotations I used an app called You Doodle


Okay thank you! :heart:


I have another way to make a circle except you can define the radius and diameter and I made it leave a trail so you can see.

You can change the Move Forward block so that the circle is bigger or smaller.


No problem! It you get it, tap the button on the far right, then shapes, and you can get arrows.


Hi @Phase_Studios
If you want to know
Here's a link on how to DRAW a circle on hopscotch by @Liam_O


Those annotations are amazing and clear. Well done!


This is a great method and very simple. I like how you use different codes this makes you a great hopscotcher. ONCE AGAIN AMAZING ANNOTATIONS


I'm going to have a look at that app.