How can you get your Hopscotch password back?


This isn’t exactly a bug but, I can’t remember my Hopscotch password and I don’t know how to log in when I log out! How am I supposed to get my password back? Or how can I reset it?? Please help! ~ (Hopscotch account) Pandas4Ever💜


Did you put in an email when you converted your account/signed up?


Just email THT and they’ll give it to you


When you were signing up, I’m sure it asked you for (optional) email add.ress, if you didn’t do it or you did it don’t worry.

Tap 'I forgot my password’
It will ask for your email add.ress. Do it, then it will say " Check your mail! "
Do as it says and make sure to check your spam or junk folders. Once you find it, there will be a link. Tap it and it will take you to a password reset website.
Create a new password and you’re good to go.

Remember to always keep your password safe!

~ @ArtisticCoder


Hello @Pandas4Ever! I haven’t done this before, but if you have an email that you’ve signed up and that you can access, you just have to tap “Forgot password”. If you can’t access your email or if you haven’t signed up with an email, contact THT (The Hopscotch Team). You can see more information here and also contact THT:


Hi, @Pandas4Ever

Both @ArtisticCoder and @William04GamerA are correct!

Let me know if you have further questions or comments!


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Thanks a lot!! It means a lot I’ll try it. :slight_smile:


You’re welcome, I’m happy to help!

If you cannot do it for some reason (e.g not having an email account) then you can do what
@William04GamerA said using somebody’s email account or create a new account altogether and try to save the projects from your old account into the drafts of your new account. If not, it’s fine!

By the way, you and I follow each other on HS, I’m BestCoderInTheWorld🌍! Catch you later!

~ @ArtisticCoder