How can you delete your account?



I don't want to have my forum account anymore! :neutral_face: How do you delete your account @Ian @asha @Liza ? If there is an answer please put it in a GIF. I'm a visual learner.

How to change your username on Hopscotch Forum?

Like your username? Or like you want a whole new account?


Like my entire account I don't want a new one


So, to reset your password and account? Or do you not want to be on the forum anymore?


I don't want to be on the forum anymore


Stop using the forum? That's my only answer.


You cannot delete your own account unless you have 1 post or less, the only way is if a moderator deletes your account for you.


There's your answer! Ask a moderator to delete your account!!!


Like Liza or like t1


Why would you want to leave the forums?


I think it would be a shame if your account were to be deleted @BraveDaisy since you've contributed some really great posts. I did have a look in admin and for your account to be deleted, all your posts would have to be deleted individually.

If you don't want to use the forum anymore, you don't have to delete your account. You could just leave it as it is and turn off email notifications in Preferences. And you never know if you might want to come back and see what's going on on the forum. I don't think it would be deleted if you just left it so all your posts will still be here for you.

But if you really want your account to be deleted, all your posts would have to be deleted which would be a shame.


You can always anonymize the account if needed (there is an option in admin/user)


Thanks @sam I had forgotten about that. So would anonymising an account keep the its posts on the forum but remove the account details like name, avatar and profile?


Yes that is it, it just hides the user info, keeps the content.