How Can You Close Topics?



How do you lock chats?


Do you mean close a topic? If so, only leaders and moderators can. When a topic is closed, nobody but leaders and moderators can reply in it! :D


Well... Unless u click the wrench >:D


How do you close a topic ?


Leaders and moderators have a button to close it. :D


Which button ? For example, can I close this chat ? ( I am not going to though !)


Nope, only leaders and moderators have the button. :D


Who are the leaders?



Thank you for telling me ! Which badge is it ?


It's called "Leader", and is golden. If you tap on my profile card, you can see some badges on the bottom, and the first one is "Leader". :D


Thank you !!!!! I shall try and earn that badge ! Also, how can you earn the Via email badge ?


And how can you earn the first share ?


You invite someone on hopscotch or the hopscotch four by via email


How do you ??????????


go to your HSF forum profile, Pick Invites, click send a invite then put in your friend's email to invite them to the forum!


Thank you for telling me starkid!


Your welcome:)


I keep running out of likes ! Check out how many I have given today in my summary for today !


I'm looking now!