How can you change your name on the forum?



How do you change your username on the forum? I’m going to change my username to “MemoryMaker” on the app, and I’d like to change it on the forum too. But I can’t figure out how? Can somebody help?


Oh on the app? Or here? Also yay your back on the forum


Oh, on the app tap your username while on your page and it says lick a fun nickname


On the forum. I already know how to do it on the app.


Is how on the forum though.
@pomtl can you help (or is this the wrong time)


Yes, the forum. You’re replying very quick lol


Well I’m not sure how to On the forum


You can’t change it.


Oh. I guess I have to delete this account and start a new one :hushed:


Yeah, I mean, I guess you can do that?


You might be able to email Ana and ask her to change your username. She might do it.
I’m not sure, though.


Click on your profile pic in the upper right corner, click the gear, and navigate to where you see your user name. If you don’t find your username, it means you have posted too much to have your username changed. :joy:


The way I did it is I created a new account with a different name.

Then the other way I did it two years later was to email the Hopscotch team.

If you ask nicely they might be able to change it for you.

Their email is

Hope this helps.


Unless you just joined and haven’t posted.


To summarize everything above, you can only change your name yourself the first days you are on the forum. If you want to change it after that, you should email The Hopscotch Team on the email provided by @Petrichor.