How Can We Improve The Fourms?


I've been thinking: what can improve the fourms? It's great, but how can we make it better? And not only technical stuff. What about people's attitudes and what the fourms are about? How can we improve the community? Post your thoughts here.


We can stop flagging stuff because some people are flagging stuff that are about hopscotch


Not bad! But sometimes it's a good idea to flag! Any other ideas?



  • Don't abuse regular privledges. People rename topics randomly just because they can, and it's not good.
  • No random flagging. Like @Tjordan5699 said, there are people that flag random replies related to the title, and that's not very good either! Flag only things that are off topic, inappropriate or spam.

Might add more if I think of more!


We do need flags though, it's a good service if you flag mean and inappropriate posts.


We should have a few more leaders. Just in case. :wink: