How can I make the clones do this?



I want to make 3 door emojis out of one. So, I made two clones of the door emojis. But, I want them all to be in a different place, but not random. I think it would be a bit too much work to have to make three identical doors when two of them don't come out until the very end of the project. Is there a possible way for it to make a clone, set it to a certain spot, then make another clone, and set that one to a different, certain, spot?!?


Is this possible?

  • this is not possible to be done.
  • this IS possible to be done.
  • I have no clue.



This is what I'm thinking you can do first make a value called clone set it to 1. And make the clones invisible, and finally when you tap the door, or however you get to the end you can set it to 2. When clone equals 2 invisibility 0. Then Check if clone equals to 2, and set position to (your position) then make another clone and move it to another position else set in invisibility to 100. This is my idea it most likely doesn't make sense so I'll try to make a visual!


Yeah I don't understand at all @InnerSparkle


Or to make it easier you can just leave the doors invisible until the door is tapped they will be visible again!


@Hoppertoscotch, how did you do that?


@t1_hopscotch, you were the one with the link to the website, right?


what? ???? What? I don't understand.


@Awesomeness you can learn how to make polls here.

@InnerSparkle that's great thinking and visuals would be awesome if you can do it :smiley: You can indent your posts on the forum with 4 spaces to make it look like code and make it clearer and easier to understand like this:

Set Value Clone to 1

When Clone = 2
    Set Invisibility to 0

I'd like to put it in visuals for you but I'm a bit confused about it too :sweat_smile: It sounds like a good solution though!


I tried to make it but I feel like I am forgetting something. The last one is supposed to be before the 3rd one but the order doesn't really matter!


I think I can help, and I also think this relates to what InnerSparkles said. When the first clone is created, you can increase a value (like clone count) and when clone count equals one, that door clone might change the X by -100 to move it towards the left of the original emoji. When clone count equals two, then that clone might change X by 100 and move to the right. You can also make your clones change Y, too.


You can first make 1 clone then you make the clone 'set position :door:X position + (your Distance between clone and door). Then you make another clone and do the same but 'negative (your number). Yeah it is confusing I'm a bit confused too:sweat_smile: Does this help?


Sorry I need to correct myself. :sweat_smile::joy: so here is how it works.

You can also 'grow' them to make them bigger