How can I make custom colors in this update


I can’t do the custom colors thing @omtl help me.


I’m not sure what you mean? I wasn’t aware you could make custom colors before now.


I don’t have hopscotch, but try checking if HSB and RGB are in the new update. If not, well you have to work with the existing colours and e-mail THT about it. You can also send a bug report here on the forum.


HSB and RGB are here but I still want custom colors maybe @hopscotch-curators can help I don’t know I just want custom colors please sad face


Yes ^^
If you need help with RGB or HSB, this site is a good one.


I want custom colors


Is that custom enough for you?
Please specify. Thanks!


No. Sorry. Look up custom colors in hopscotch and you will see what I mean.


Anyone here? @omtl plz help.


Ah, I see. Like you can save them for later in the same art pad. Sorry. I can help you code that if you want. I’m going home early today.


Plz yes. That would be great. Anyone else can help here plz do.


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I don’t have help you.


Rawr! Rawwwwwwwwrrrrrrrrr! I need custom colors for my new project!


No one’s gonna help if you talk like that.


Edit: I’m sorry my little brother went on here and he likes dinosaurs


Plz help me. I’m desperate


@omtl help me I need custom colors.


@DECODECO can you help me with the saveable colors thing.