How can I make colors/ drawing disappear?


I was wondering how to make color disappear. Like in fruit ninja when you bump the fruit and it leaves a splatter I want the color to disappear after a little bit. Can anyone help.


It would be sudden, not fading away, but you can leave another trail the color of your background. Other than that, I don't know. Sorry!


If you draw somthing using the leave a trail block you can't remove it individually as far as I know, but you can clear all the drawings using the clear block but if you have a background or something else that is a drawing it would also clear that. You can use an emoji though, and use its invisibility value to make it fade after a certain amount of milleseconds. You could also use a drawing and use the background color over it if you have a background.


if you were drawing a health bar you could code. WHEN PLAY STARTS LEAVE TRAIL RED,MOVE FOWARDS 200. Have a 90% invsisble ball do this. Then place a skull where the ball started from. WHEN OBJECT. BUMPS CHARACTER, have ball MOVE X -10,leave a trail the same color as the background. WHEN BALL BUMPS SKULL have an invisible GAME OVER text become visible.

You could place an invisible ball, set it to the objects x-y position and when apple swiped set angle random 0-360 leave trail green,move fowards 10. Repeat this 5 times then clear color to make the trails dissapear. Use emojis and zoom their size to fit the background so the background doesn't dissapear as well.


Instead of leave a trail you could have a dot with code like this
When knife bumps orange
Reapeat 4 times
Create a clone

When charecter is cloned
Set text • colour orange
Set position x orange y orange
Wait 5000 miliseconds
Reapeat 100 times
Set invisibility • invisibility + 1

Hope this helped


There is a way to do it.When the fruit bumps the knife: Wait 500 or 1000, Clear. Clear is a block in the Drawing section. If you don't find it, tap more.
Hope this helps!