How can I improve?



Hey everyone! I have a few questions for you all.

Everyone wants to improve, right? So how do you all think I can improve - on Hopscotch and the Forum. I know I can get really angry, I was so upset during the whole... LGBT thing. I was being incredibly rude. And I apologize for that. However, I believe I can try to improve in some of those areas, for example... Not being so protective and defensive. Also, how do you become a leader? What are the requirements? Has anyone got any suggestions?

Feel free to ask the same kind of question here!


First of all, you are already amazing, and you don't need to change at all!

Second, to get leader there aren't any requirements about how many posts you have to read or anything! Lisa just picks people who have been on the forum for a while, so usually regulars. She Also looks for who would help the community, and who has a leader personality. She doesn't promote people often, because we already have about 4 leaders.


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