How can I improve? (Snoopy) tell me everything


I got recently rated really low on a poll and I don't know why
So please be honest and give me feedback!
If I ever did anything wrong tell me now, I want to fix it.


I think you're great! I will come back later and reply to this in detail.:+1::+1::+1:


I think you're nice, funny, and cool to hang around with.

However, I do think you overreact a bit when you get a flag. That's understandable tho.


Probably people are just trolling you.


The people who voted don't seem like trolls though...


Let's solve this.
Tell me 1 thing that you like about yourself:
Tell me one thing you wish to change about yourself:
This is personality based btw.


You're amazing. I would've voted 1000000, but post more penguin gigs.


In real life or on the forum?


In general I think you're great, but sometimes I feel like you can make a small issue into a larger one.

I'm not trying to be rude, but that's how I feel.


What do you mean? Can I have examples?


Well it wasn't to recently when you did it to me, but I've seen you do it elsewhere.

I don't remember perfect, but I said something about a project and then you started asking me a ton of questions, and it kinda made me feel like you thought you had to be right. I don't want to be mean... so errr— sorry...


I don't really remember that
but ok thanks


Yeah... it was in like December... sorry @Snoopy


no its fine
I want to leave with everything settled :)
Sorry for making you feel bad


Don't change!
Very few penguin fanatics here. @pingu @WhiteFeathers
You're really nice, great artist, and coder.


Thank you! :>




i see this as a guy with vampire hair


Where was the poll?


On the forum.