How can I improve my account/projects


Hi! It's Crazy_cake (smishsmash_ on the forum) and I want to improve my games and account. Does anyone have any ideas, suggestions, for me to make my account and projects better? Thanks!- Crazy_cake


One suggestion is to immerse yourself, at least a bit, into different genres. You have already started with that!


Yep:) @LazyLizard, I started making more games:)

  • I love your games
  • They are ok
  • Eh
  • I hate them



Please vote:D I want to see what people think+ my first successful poll:D


A good tip is to think creatively. Innovate! Also, try making your projects complex (but not excessively complex if you get what I mean :wink:)
Some good ideas:
Donald Trump Simulator (@danyangjr says "Hey! You stole my idea!" :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: )
Art Pad (try making 100+ colors!)
Reaction game (yeah, I know, I've been giving this out to everyone)
@PopTart0219's list


These are awesome ideas!!! I'm already making a 100+ color art pad so I will probobly publish it this after noon (my time later today) or tomorrow:D thanks for the ideas:D