How can I have an object you can move with buϯϯons but can't move from a certain object?



unfortunately not, I think :( (it comes up with Page not found)


Uh my keyboard lagg


It comes up for me, but you have to open it up in Hopscotch, not a web browser. Unlisted/unapproved projects can be opened in Hopscotch, but I don't think it'd work online.


Do you like what I got so far?


Yes, btw
Tell me da coordinates of the corners of the play space lol yay I can help you now


Idk the coordinates


You can figure it out by getting a circle and putting it close to the corner and telling the coordinates of the circles
That's how I do it and it's pretty much the easiest way


I'm..... Sorta about to play a game.... You can do it, if you want to! @DECODECO


I'm..... Sorta about to eat dinner and watch the Oscars... you can figure out the coordinates later while I mess with blue attacks later lol gby for now


Ok bye


@DECODECO try about 262, 400 - 767, 152


@papyrus? Who's that? You also know it's basically another name for "parchment"?


Papyrus is a character in the video game, Undertale.
Don't judge people's words quickly like that, please.


Oh are you talking about what @TheRealBlah_Backup said about papyrus being parchment (?) that is what I thought it was too, because papyrus (as a word) does mean a type of paper you can write on :relaxed:


Papyrus talks in the font papyrus... So does sans..... It's weird like that


Do you mean, you're planning to make a border for the Heart? Did I guess it?



Sort of......


You can change the Heart's position when the arrow is pressed. For example, if "Left Arrow" is pressed and your left border X is 255, you can add a Check If Once block that tests if [Heart x] is more than 255 and add this block inside: Set Position to X([Heart x] - 1] Y[Heart y].


Revive! I still wanna work on this.... @t1_hopscotch can you change the category for me?


Sure :smiley: I moved it to #debug-my-code for now (just tell me if you want it elsewhere too)