How can I have an object you can move with buϯϯons but can't move from a certain object?



Title explains it all. I'm making an Undertale battle.


A- anyone....?


Do you mean so it won't go outside the hitbox? Use check ifs.

When the button's pressed, check if (object's x pos) > 200
| change x by 1

and change that based on the box's position, button, etc.


Hmm :thinking: when you say you want the object not to move from another certain object, do you mean it can't go outside a certain range?

edit: hehe Disky mentioned it already


I.... Don't know what the right X and Y positions. Want me to release a version for testing so you can experiment with it?


I mean, the best thing to do is to just change around the numbers until it worked. That's what I did for my project. You can release a test project if you want, but it'd probably be better for you to learn yourself.



This version is for you forumers to mess with.

:arrow_forward: Play



I could make the opponent, if you'd like!


I don't want help except for with this and maybe the blue attacks


I'll figure it out, I'll just do a test and see what happens

Btw I know what the blue attacks are, just stay put, and don't move


That's not a link, I just made the text blue because blue attacks are always mentioned in blue


That's aqua, it starts with "< 'a' > "
And I thought that wasn't a link bc it didn't work when I pressed it -_-


One second.... Maybe @Papyrus will want to help with his own battle. That was random.....


Oh wait I know what blue attacks are, I just may need help coding the blue attacks


Btw the project isn't there ):


Lemme repost the link....


:arrow_forward: Play


hmmm im not too sure, but if projects have images and the images are in moderation, does it mean the project link won't show up yet? :thinking:


But does the link work?