How can I get regular back


I have sadly lost regular and does anyone knohow to get it back? Plz say how cause I was soooo active to get regular and worked sooooo hard so I need it back!


Stay active for 50 more days. Then another 50 and so on.


And can someone fix the typo
I can’t edit it

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Wow that will be hard but I’ll try


Just stay active for fifty more days…read a bit more, like posts a bit more, post a bit more, get a bit less flags, (i don’t know why you lost regular but still)


Thx @kvj for editing


Pleas eSBYP. @lollypopcorn I believe made a topic explaining this.


I didnt.


Oh then whoever did thx


I changed “gt” to “get”


*Please electronically SBYP


Oh thx!
So I just need to be active 50 dates then I’m back to reg?


Oh I’m sorry
@t1_hopscotch sorry at I’m making you close a lot of stuff but can you close this plz


Hopefully it will work


Can u give me the link?
I can’t find it


You just stay active for 50 days or more


Hi Lisa can we go to our topic?
I have something AMAZING TO TELL U




Stay active for a while I guess.

(I lost regular the other day too ;-;)


Then how did you get it back so fast??? I lost mine…