How can I get my game to be featured?

So before someone cries in the replies that there are like 100 results to this, I just wanted to say that the answer is still unclear to me even after reading some posts. I don’t know if this is the right topic to do this.

I’m just writing on “debug my code” topic because I’m probably blind and missed a topic for that.

ok now my question
Well I’ve been working on a few games and to guarantee the game won’t just be another garbage in the latest games, I went to the forums to see how could I get featured. (This was like 5 days ago when I couldn’t make topics). The first answer I saw was a topic that suddenly got “private”. It had something about featured nominees. When I clicked in this “nominees link” it just gave me an error.
The other results aren’t even related to the question. I couldn’t find anything related to this other than these 2.

Please let me know of any place or any requirement to have a featured game


i’m not sure if i understand your question, but here’s a link that could help you (:


Hey @GalaxyBoi! The link Nth3r posted will definitely help - and so might this one!


Looks like Anpi and NTh3R gave you some good links!

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heya there! you’ve already gotten some replies and some great links, but as a curator (one of the people that decides what projects to feature), i can give you a little bit more of an in-depth explanation

the topic that andpi linked is where you can nominate your project to be on one of the channels. all you have to do there is copy the poll from the op and link your project. this notifies us and we can evaluate it using our criteria (kinda like judging a competition) – this can be found in the topic nth3r linked.
once we’ve done that, we pass on the project and what channel it should be on to tht and they pin it up there

hope this helped! feel free to tag me if you have any more questions :))


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