How can I fix this



Ok I have a problem with a story project I'm making. I made a boarder using a text object and calling it this:
I typed that repeatedly to make a border. I made it so it would be invisible, and I want to make a text object do this:

But it's not working!!! Please heeeelllllpppp!!!


And I don't want to make the border do this, I want a different text object to do this so I put in this code and it won't work.


You have to make the invisibility of it 99. It won't work if it is at 100%


Sounds random, but I will try!


@CreativeCoder, do you mean for the code I sent you, or to make the border 99%?


Ok, I've been doing a few tweaks, and I did what you said and it kinda works now... so I was realizing certain things and I managed to end out with this code:

To this code:
Along with making the border 99% invisible like you said. But now, the text IS visible but it's flashing quickly between being visible and not. Can you explain why this is happening and how to fix it, @CreativeCoder or maybe someone who helps me a lot, @t1_hopscotch?


Hmmm..can we see Chillanna's code? It might be because she keeps bumping it and it keeps repeating it


Umm, I don't know what you want from it, pretty much you're controlling her with a button to make her go left. That works fine, but I will show you anyway:

Ok, I had no problems with her moving or anything, the text just kinda flashes.


The text flashes when you make her hit the invisible border, anyway.


OH! You're moving her with buttons, now I understand. Try this to debug,

When Chillanna bumps (border)
    Set Value (debug) to 1
    Wait (10) Milliseconds
    Set Value (debug) to 0

Make a text object Repeat Forever Set Text to debug. If it keeps flashing between 0 and 1, then something with that is your problem.

You don't have to if you're fine with it, though


Umm, ok? I will try. I don't get this at all. But I will try. What would I put the set value block on? Like, in Chinnla a rule for Chinnla? Will it matter? I will just put it as a rule on chinchilla and see what happens.


Ok, I did what you said, this is what I discovered. While chinchilla is where the border is, as in, on top of the border, they are flashing back and forth. Once she goes past the border, they stop and say the value is 1, while the text that was flashing visible and invisible, stops, too, at the state of being visible. Is it possible to make it so no matter what, once the text went through the cycle of turning to the text I want it to be, it will NOT do it again. How is this possible to be done? Is this possible to be done?


I mean 0, not 1. Typo.


Hi @Hoppertoscotch, do you mean you want the text in the rule (the one which has the code Set Text to β€œHey why is this here....” etc) to run that code once only?

Like @CreativeCoder said, the whole time Chillanna is bumping the border, that code will keep running again. If you want it to run only the first time when Chillanna bumps the border, then you can add this code to the bottom of the rule (just like last time :wink:):

Repeat forever


Ok. Thanks, once again, @t1_hopscotch! I'm happy your always on the forum to help me out, I've been having a lot of trouble on this project I'm making, and you, along with @CreativeCoder, have helped me out a lot! Thanks again!