How can I find the size of a object?


I would like some help finding out precisely how many pixels the "Square" object is long/high at a size percent of 40!

Can anyone help?


Usually, I'm okay with pixel art stuff. This I have no idea. Maybe ask @PixelMaster64?


When I make a trail pixel art, I know down the pixel how big it is, where as with an object I have to guess, but as I will be changing the size, a formula would be good.


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Yeah...but the pixels that I am using are somewhere in the 30's and I may need to change the size :confused:


Bump ^^^^


Can't anyone help? ;-;


Ask um @Kiwicute2016 or ya know? @Anonymous?


Idk I'm not a talented values and shapes guy


Um I guess google? I dunno sorry @AHappyCoder


I'll try! It might take some time.


Yes! Finally! Thank you so much!


Another way you can check is to upload a pic to the forum and on PC zoom in the image so you can see each pixel


I am more trying to find out how to glue clones together to make a top down shooting game :wink: Not pixel art in the normal way.


Okay, I think I can help. You just need the size, right? :D


In the Hopscotch editor, it's length should be 27.6 pixels. If not, it should range from 27.6-28.


Yeah! In pixels!


Lemme test if I'm correct. :D


@Kiwicute2016 @AHappyCoder

I got 25.641 pixels. :D

I think it's exact.


Weird. 26 is way too small. 25.641 squishes the square