How can I draw myself if I'm not a good drawer



Help I can't draw well


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Well if you want someone to draw you you can tag them like this @WinningMonkey with a @ in front of there name
Maybe some one will let you request for them!!


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You can post some drawings on the topic below

And ask for constructive criticism to improve your art!
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@iMeow made an awesome topic to help people with art!


Thank you! You are so kind!
Here's a like :heart:️, and a cookie. :cookie:


Look at other artpieces, and attempt that style. Not good enough? Add another style. In the end, you will have a nice mix of styles that are now rather awesome! Hope this helps. Also, hello, and welcome to the hopscotch forum! I am iMeow, and feel free to tag me up at any time using @iMeow!


Wait, are you telling her that she is terrible at art? If so, that's not very kind... Maybe say it in a nicer way?


No, as in the clothes drawer type, pull-out drawer, get the joke?


Omg.. I totally missed that joke.. LOL! Sorry! But if someone doesn't get the joke, it could be hurtful.. :grin::joy:


The boy (me) doesn't get it. Can you explain? :D


Neither do I.
Can you (the girl, not the boy) explain it?


Practice is key :blush: Just keep at it and you'll get there


Do you want to see how to draw step by step? Why do you want to draw? My account on Hopscotch is ArtisticOwl🦉. If you need help, (that goes for anyone) go there! I have a How to OwlArt club for how to draw! And for those of you who already know how Can join th Hedwigs Masterpiece (you don't have to know who Hedwig is) for challenges, and tips!


Omg my first nice share badge!