How can i decrease my score count by only 1?


How can i decrease my score count by only 1?


Use the Increase block.

Increase (Score) by -1

@MGBeta Beta 2


@MR.GAM3R hi, yeah i tried that but for some reason it deceases the score by 4 sometimes 5 points. I dont get where i've gone wrong.
I've uploaded to screen shot below.
First one is "when star hits platform, increase (variable object "score") by 1 and the second image is increase by -1 when star hit the waves.


I've deleted the "check once if" as it doesn't appear to be doing anything. The score still increases by 1 but then decreases by 4/5.
This is what it looks like now.


Test to change the "touching" blocks to "bump" blocks.


Thank you @BB-Box thats worked..:+1:


No problem.


@Jcarvalho This makes a difference because the Bump event occurs only once, whereas the Touching event code continually loops while the objects are in contact.


Use bumps, not is touching.


To increase a number it is (+)1 to decrease write -1


Also put a repeat forever on the set text :smile: