How can I copy Code from other projects?


I am making a Jumping project like Ice Floe Jumping, and I really like the background look of Lava Route. How could I copy the background-creating object?


You can't copy code in hopscotch at the moment. All you can do is remix​:slight_smile:


Like @MelodiousParrot said, you can't copy and paste from projects yet. For now you can just manually copy the code, by saving it as a draft or taking several screenshots to add to your own project. Be sure to give credit though :wink:


Yep! I would just take a picture using a different device if you have one. Also remeber to give credit!


Thanks! I guess I can do it manually but still thanks for the answer!


What you can do is:

1) Check for any values you have to put in
2) Put all the code into a "Repeat Once" (Repeat 1) block
3) Press and hold down on the repeat block until "copy" comes up
4) Go to your project, and paste


You can copy repeat bloxks?


koyueuan means from a different project. :slight_smile:


Ohh, I see.
The Copy-and-Paste feature doesn't work on seperate projects?

If not, then I'm sorry. I thought it did.