How Can I Come Moderator?


Dear Hopscotch,
One of my team members in PlayAllDayGames had got a reply from T1 saying that you were needing some moderators.

I could help with that. If you let me. I always follow the rules and I think other people do too.

A reply would be amazing!
Thank You.


I always wanted to be one, too.


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@seawolfwerehorse examples:
Leader badge. @liza. @t1_hopscotch. @Ian.


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I would reccomend reading my "Do we need moderators topic" - it has some feedback from people and some ideas on how people become moderators.

I think overall, what you need to do is just be active on the forums, be helpful, and above all - be kind. No one wants a mean person running the site!
But I agree we need more moderators. Just having t1 and I do this (Besides of course the hopscotch staff) and with hundreds of posts a day it can be a lot to keep up with. In fact, I should say just t1, he does most of the work. I only remembered I had moderator powers yesterday! :stuck_out_tongue:

I definitely think you guys would make great moderators! Again, just be active and nice, and try to help people out!


I'd love to be one, but I think the Hopscotch Team has more important things to deal with than moderators on the forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @DrTimeTravelLive @Hoppertoscotch @seawolfwerehorse @CreativeCoder it's really nice you want to help with moderating :smile: Liza said they're not looking for more moderators unfortunately at the time of this post:

But you can email the Hopscotch Team and let them know if you're interested :smiley: You can be a moderator on the Hopscotch app too.

And things have changed more since then as more users are joining and more posts are being shared every day. It is quite a bit to keep up with.

And just by flagging anything that's not following the Community Guidelines and being nice like @BuildASnowman said, you are already helping a lot with moderating :smile:

(And a minor thing @BuildASnowman, I'm a girl. Just so you know you can refer to me as 'she/her' that's all :smiley:)


Oh well t1. Still that's okay. I'll help with the forum.
P.S: Thanks t1 for the message to my friend iOdiwanKenobi. That was really nice.


No problem @DrTimeTravelLive :smile: I really like the projects you all are making in PlayAllDayGames by the way (sorry if I've spelt it wrong before)


Thank you t1!

On a note, I found this message.

h ya boy!!!! I love it bruh! It is so dmdmdmding cool!

I reckon dmdmdmding means a bad word. Also, I don't think the . stops it from being bad.

Hope this helps!

Found it on the Hopscotch wars post.
It's called Hopscotch Wars Collaboration and the person who wrote was:


Thank you for being alert and reading through posts @DrTimeTravelLive. I'm really glad you're keeping an eye out for the community :smile:

Just a note though if you see something inappropriate in the future, you just have to flag it and the moderators will be able to see it. It's okay to tell the person nicely about why their post probably should be edited or why it shouldn't be on the forum too.

I agree that using a "." to stop word filters from picking up bad words is not okay, and posts that do that should be flagged. The word "stupid" is allowed in the word filters though so I think the Hopscotch Team is okay with it. And the jumbled word "dmdm....etc" looks like it was just typed randomly so I don't think it's a rude word (I hope it isn't either).

Thank you again for being vigilant in the community. Is it okay if you edit your post though so it doesn't include the person's name? I'm just worried it might hurt their feelings that's all. But you can tell people about their post in the topic where the post was published.


Ok. Thanks t1.

I have a new post where I post the bad stuff though.
It's called Report That Faulty.

And yes you can edit it. I didn't know.


That's completely okay @DrTimeTravelLive :smile: You can edit your post yourself too (here's a topic on how to edit your post


P.S: I did email Hopscotch about that. They said...

Hi there,

So happy that you want to help Hopscotch :slightly_smiling:

Can you help us by sharing projects you like and making awesome posts that inspire others to make cool things, too? Also, if you see forum post made by others that you think are great, we'd love to hear about them! That would be SUPER awesome!!

Let me know.



I wish I could be moderator, but I can't even trust myself!! I get flagged because when I post some sort of video, some inappropriate video with an inappropriate picture shows up on the right side that is made by the same person.

I also see tons of topics that are finished and I want to close them, but I'm not moderator, and again, I can't be trusted. :pensive:


As @Liza said, she will email information to those interested in becoming a Moderator. Although I am a little confused about exactly who the emails will be sent to. In the meantime, just wait.