How can I choose between landscape and portrait when making a project on iPhone

 When im making a project sometimes I want a landscape orientation or a portrait orientation. On an IPad the current orientation when a project is started is the one used but on IPhone I can't seem to use any other orientation than portrait. If someone knows a way please tell me otherwise I would ask that hopscotch adds a way to do this. _I am using iPhone SE iOS 10.3.2_

Sincerely, Kikflip


I think the on iPhone you can only have the editor in portrait


Oh. I email tht about the iPhone thing, and they said they didn’t want to make four editors. iPhone can only do portrait.


Well, it depends on how you enter the project, so if you want a portrait game/project turn your iPad from landscape to portrait, same goes for landscape just the opposite.

It’s quite simple :stuck_out_tongue:

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I know you can do that on iPad but I’m using an iPhone and I guess I can’t. Thanks for the feedback though.

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Oh, well I don’t think that is available on iPhone as said, but you could remix a landscape project??

As said, there is no in-app option to make an iPhone landscape project.
If you really need a project with the iPhone in landscape mode resolution, you can edit (or ask someone to edit it for you) the json file of a draft to make it 568x320.