How can I Become More Well Known?


So, I've been on and off coding for nearly two years. However, I haven't even reached over ten likes on ANY of my projects. I really don't mean to sound whiny and like all I care about is fame, but I do try hard on my projects. Please give advice on how to become more well known/famous in the comments. Thank you!


I agree with Gobli09, perhaps straying away from the tutorial projects?
Then think about the app. Hopscotch is a coding app, not social media. We don't need updates, however your blog does have good code in it.


maybe take time to work on one big original, fun game instead of coding many small easy games. Check for bugs


Try posting your projects on the forum


Make original and good projects. The forum is also a super good place to get to know people and make friends. What is your HS username?


Try to stay away from remixes.
Make something that is not sloppy (Well thought out, well organized, etc...)
And, after a few really good projects, the likes come naturally. That is the whole reason I deleted my account and started over.


Oh my gosh Emmmmaaaa :joy:

Your projects are already really cool!! People just like to see more complex projects (I <3 your ideas though). The more you learn and explore the more complicated your projects can be. Anyways, being "famous" doesn't matter!!! It's just that you're having fun!

@emmabutterfly444 important stuff

I think that's about it. If you have any questions, you can ask me


Don't have simple go for a big idea
Something that pops out at you but nothing that people won't enjoy or be to hard for you
Just make something that is not to hard or to easy
Just have fun and make cool projects


How I got my first feature was I made a rough draft and posted it and asked for people's opinions on one topic I made. After a month of comments I made a 2.0! So if you have a game, pixel, trail art than maybe look back at them and revise them! :slight_smile:


This may be the issue. I have no experience but staying regularly active will make you Well known


Make some inventive and cool coding projects. Be an upstanding part of the community here, and share your thoughts and ideas. Always experiment with new things to make and code. Try to stay away from roleplays or drawing too much. And always, always have fun!