How can I become a Beta tester?


People (no offence) seem to get the Beta and people reply. I have tried heaps and yet I do not get a reply. Could somebody help me? @Liza, @discourse, @system etc.


Just email the hopscotch team


But they do not reply.


What email do you do, like


I do my iPad mini 2 one which is hotmail.


@Bubblyoreo, if you do it at night time, they will not reply unless you live somewhere really far away from the Hopscotch.


I do it during daytime. I'm in New Zealand


Is it night time right now for you? Is it before 9 P.M right now for you @Bubblyoreo?

I LOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE the games that you make, they are so amazing.


Aww Thanks. I started in May on a account called curry:koala:Koala. Now I am MintieSelfie24.
It's Morning now 8:38 am


You will always receive an email to say its gone through, I'd leave the email a couple of days
It would a been 8:38 pm when you posted the question so I have to wait until hopscotch team are awake!


Oh, ok, and @Lavendercupcake it is the day where the Hopscotch HQ is. When did you send the email @Bubblyoreo?


Are they? Like at ten am GMT they're probably asleep


It is 3:50 P.M in the afternoon for them @Lavendercupcake.


This is the hopscotch team's email Itoh do not get a reply 30 seconds or shorter try again secret times to email them with a fast reply 10:30am 1:00pm Indiana time