How can I be helpful?


Right now I feel terrible. I offend others when I just tell them to SBYP. Is their a nicer way of saying that? I try to use Happy faces to tell them I'm not mad but they still get offended. I also feel sad as I saw already so many people leave HS. I'm kind of depressed right now and when I'm honest people get offended. I just.. Don't feel my spot here


Say "Please SBYP ;)" and they might not get mad. but if they are offended tag me, cause I want to see an example of what your posting that offending peeps.
don't offend the marshmellow goodness ^<^


This is what I said before

People got offended by this ;-;


Sometimes adding smileys or winky faces don't help.

You could say "I Think there's already a topic like this. -insert link here-
Maybe we could move the conversation over there?"


The person who was offended was pretty much brand new to the forum, she might have not understood what you meant.


Note that I was also brand new to the forum....

But I guess your right, should've let her know


For someone brand new, that was actually really responsible of you to say and know that you're supposed to search before you post. You didn't say it in a mean way. It's not your fault.

I don't think you need to be much kinder but just in case:

"This is a really cool topic, but there's already one like it! Everyone forgets, but try to SYBP!"