How about a reason to be featured, instead of "feature worthy"



Hi everyone!! You’ve probably noticed how if most Hopscotchers on here saw a project that they didn’t think was “feature worthy” then they’d probably say it’s not, well, feature worthy. Although there are plenty of reasons for a Hopscotch project to be featured, which is why I made this topic!! ;)

You see, the Hopscotch Team doesn’t just feature big pixel arts, new ways to code things, incredible games, detailed trail arts, or whatever other things that you’d think of as feature worthy.
They also feature announcements, so that everyone will see them (such a great reason)! (^-^)
And projects that will most likely give other Hopscotchers inspiration for more awesome projects (another awesome reason)! ;D
They also feature very simple things that are still very awesome!!! For example, the moving background project that got on featured a while ago! (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, it was basically an emoji that the Hopscotcher made gigantic and then made it spin forever) It was very simple, but very cool and inspiring too! And that is an incredible reason to be on featured! :D

There’s always a reason for featured Hopscotch projects to be there in the first place. So next time you think something isn’t feature worthy, take a closer look! :D
You’ll probably notice why it was put on featured! (^-^)

Now, although some of this is just my opinion, you should still remember to think before you say something isn’t feature worthy. And if you do, atleast don’t make a topic saying it, because most of the time that just causes drama :o

Also, just a reminder that this is a topic for everyone and is not directed at anyone specific. And I’m not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings with this topic, so if I did, sorry, it was unintentional :)

Thanks for reading!
If you have any thoughts on this topic, feel free to share them!! :D


Thank you for making this great topic – you always put so much effort into your thoughts :slight_smile:


if there were featured topics on the forum, I’m sure this would be one.


No problem, and thanks so much for saying that!! That means a lot to me :)


You know, that’s actually an interesting idea! That would be kinda cool.


Thank you CatWithABrush!!! Also, I agree with WynterDiamond that featured topics would actually be a pretty good idea!!! :D


@OMTL Please read this topic :D

I tried putting the OMTL in the main/first post, but it didn’t seem to be working? Anyways you only have to scroll up by like five posts, and here is a link if you don’t want to XD


Amazing topic. There are a heap of different reasons why projects are featured. You also have to think about how a person would feel if you said their project wasnt “feature worthy”. Pretty bad right?


Yeah, that would really hurt :0
Also, thanks so much!! :D


Featured should be for

  • Announcements
  • Games/projects that are amazing and mindblowing
  • Things that inspire others
  • New ways to code


Great topic frenapai! Just like all of your amazing topics!!! :DDDDDDDDDD :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:


Those are some great reasons!!
There are actually so many reasons a project could be on featured that it’d be hard to list them all ;D


Thank you so much explorerpai!!! :DDDDD


There’s still examples on featured like some random projects that draws spinning emojis. I guess it’s not really inspiring too as it’s an tutorial.


I don’t have hopscotch anymore so???

Lol whatever goes on featured I don’t need to worry


And it was unique! Nobody had done it before!


@lollypopcorn Liza said that the featured project should use very hard coding. But just a spinning emoji? Sorry, but in my opinion, even my cat could code it. If I sound too harsh, you need to understand that I just want to see complicated projects in “Featured” section. I don’t want to hurt anyone.


Your cat could easily do it but you can’t. It’s because it’s something so random, yet elegant. You know what code is so you aren’t going to do something random whereas your cat doesn’t know how to code so he/she could code it*.

*it’s like giving a typewriter to a blindfolded monkey. If you give him infinite time he’ll type out the complete works of Shakespeare but it doesn’t know that. The same applies to your cat, it’s knowing that it is doing something but doesn’t know what it is doing.


You know, each @CreationsOfaNoob’s project is unique, he deserves much more featured projects than 19.


Yes I agree, but then other Hopscotchers won’t really have a chance to get on featured.