How about a new "Making music on Paper" topic?


The "Help With Code" category was deprecated (I don't know what that word means, I'll just say that it's "forbidden"), and because we were talking about good stuff ("good stuff" funny joke, ken) in that topic, can we like, make another topic that will be placed in "Random Stuff"?

I just needed to mention it because it's like the topic that notifies me, and lets me see my friends' (and mine) music; and because people are talking about the disappearance of other topics too in this category.

Also, I've tagged someone who might do it (because they [as a singular pronoun] are the creator of the topic)

@Anonymous, will you... Please?


On paper??????


Like line notes


Wasn't it the making music on iPad and Hopscotch topic? (I don't think there was paper, but I may be wrong"

It means "be usable but regarded as obsolete and best avoided, typically because it has been superseded."


It was like parody-ing (not really parody-ing, maybe just naming the topic after it) the "Drawing on Paper compared to an iPad/Hopscotch" topic, as far as I know


But why???????


As someone who moderately makes topics in the forum, I am slightly offended.

And also, "people being desperate to make topics" doesn't seem related to "music's line notes"


Sorry my brother keeps taking my iPad


No offense, but that excuse seems cheesy...

Also, I don't want my topic to be flagged, nor my posts; so I'll stop.


If you want proof I can put a video of him using my iPad and not budging but the forum won't let me post videos
Okay let's GBOT
Hehehehehe hi