Hour of Code 2017


Hey guys! Hour of Code is coming up, the week of December 4th to 10th! Although it can happen anytime during the year, this upcoming week is the OFFICIAL week for it! Hour of Code doesn’t exactly matter to us hopscotchers and coders because we do hour of code daily, when we code on Hopscotch and other platforms. Many of us still have to participate in hour of code during school hours! I love Hour of Code because I get to help my friends code and show them what I know!

But what it is hour of code? Hour of Code is about an hour of, well, coding! Many schools participate in hour of code, and schedule in 1 hour out of the school day during the week to have people come in and teach kids to code! My school usually uses code.org as the platform for hour of code, but many districts use Hopscotch and other coding platforms! People don’t always come in, and sometimes they just let the kids go on their laptops/devices and get on the website and literally code for an hour, which is great! I always love to save the stuff I code so I can re-create it on Hopscotch later, since my school does not use Hopscotch!

So, in Hour of Code 2017, there is still so much you can learn, even though you are already a coder! Learn something new!

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Unfortunately, we don’t code at my school, but maybe they’ll start that during Hour of Code. Coding is knowledge and really fun and I think that Hour of Code really encourages that!


I hosted Hour of Code at my school earlier this year, but it was code.org because our school only has Chromebooks. It’s pretty fun and I hope that our school could do Hopscotch Hour of Code soon.


@William04GamerA - Even I wish more schools hosted Hour of Code like mine and others do. I agree, Hour of Code really encourages and promotes coding in a positive light. Honestly, if you do feel the passion for it, you should talk to your school administrator to get Hour of Code to come to the school if possible and if circumstances permit. I am sure he/she will listen to you! Let me know how it goes if you do decide to do this!

@AwesomeJediE - Hour of Code is super fun! Yeah, I wish my school did a Hopscotch Hour of Code as well! That would be like MEGA cool.


My school is allowing us to do Hour Of code for our last three days of school :grin: I’m loving it so far :blue_heart:


That sounds AWESOME! Have fun!