Hotel Avenue! (New game announcement)



We are proud to announce our newest game (coming out either the end of this month or the beginning of next month) called Hotel Avenue! Your millionaire dad gives you a bunch of money to spend on a hotel, you are left with $10000.
Try to find a way how to attract people to live in your hotel. Also pay for the bills for people to have a good time in your hotel. You know what people say “if someone has a lot of money, they’ll make a lot of money,” so while you are waiting for your money to come in, play a little mini game. We will be adding a lot of more stuff into our game. And if it takes a while to load, then your free to blame it on us, (it’s gonna be a big game). Tell us if you like the idea or not!


10,000 isn’t a lot of money lol

Neither is being a millionaire


Well you spend the money on a hotel and you’re left of with $10000


Well you certainly know how to advertise!
See what I did there? You know, you have to make people want to play the game, and in the game you have to make people want to come to your hotel?
Nevermind that…
Anyway, the game looks cool!
Is it out yet? If not, do you have an approximate release date?


We’re not sure when we’ll release it but I’m assuming that it will possibly be in a couple weeks. The support from our other game “exoplanet gen. v1.4” will keep us motivated to make this game!


Ooh looks fun!!


Cool idea, could you please tag me when the game will be published?


Can you send a beta?


Yes, we have already thought of that and we have all agreed that a beta will be a good thing to show the followers of our channel. The thing is, that the game is not fully finished… we will release a beta when the game is finished.


Forget about what I said about the release date of the beta, we have it prepared and we will release it tomorrow. 9/2/17. No the game is not finished but the beta is.