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Set size because it’s

  • Quicker
  • Easier to use
    Grow/Shrink because it’s
  • Better Graphics
  • Though harder to find the right size

It’s harder to find the size because if the size percentage is 50 already it would shrink by, say 20 percent of the 50 (Which is 10) since 50 = 100 percent.


Set size is easier because you can set it to the exact percentage you want, and it can also grow from size 0.


I agree with you, plus, if the original size is 100, then you are basically changing the exact size. The set width and height block is what you use to change the actual size of an object.


With set size you always set the exact size. Grow and shrink are relative to the current size.


What I’m saying is, set size is still relative to the original size, which can be changed using the set width and height block.

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Wait really?

Actually nope! In this screenshot, one has set size 200 a small its only block, and one has it after a sect width and height. They are both the same size.


Wait, what? I completely believe you, but I, as a “puny mortal” need extra explaining. Do you think you could screenshot the code that proves my theory wrong so that I can have a look for myself?

(Also, are you interested in joining the Café Crew?)


I’ll get a link when I grab my iPad.


Café News

So, today would usually be the day that I plop a poll down for the best weekly inspiration project, but since nobody has entered yet, I have a whole official daily post to fill up. So, I decided to post my ideas regarding major changes I plan to implement in the future. Please tell me what you think:

  1. Hopscotch Café live streams

This was actually what my original idea was for the café, but then moderator changes prevented me from actually starting it. If you guys find interest in this idea, I could start figuring out a way to make it work.

  1. Collaborations

I was interested in maybe starting a draft-trade collaboration series? We would just go with a theme and code together? I honestly think this goes well with the almost-physical, friendly, and fun environment I’m going for with the café.

  1. Parties?

Another crazy idea I had for the café was “parties”, or “events”. It would be a time where a group of people schedule to code and chat about their projects on the café topic. Think of it like a virtual code get-together.

Tell me what you think. Any opinions, improvements, concerns, or new ideas you have? I would love to hear them!


Weekly Inspiration Challenge:

The theme is: SUMMER


  1. You get to pick the theme of the next Weekly Inspiration Challenge
  2. Your project will be featured in the archives of the next Weekly Inspiration Challenge (Or maybe I’ll make a topic for the archives or something…)
  3. The satisfaction of a job well done

Hey I’m gonna have to pull out of this if you don’t mind, I’m really sorry!


Oh, don’t worry. No pressure.


Thank you!

I may help from time to time tho if that’s okie?


This is a café, you can drop in at anytime.


This seems super cool, definitely gonna do this!

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I wouldn’t be able to find the time sorry!

Mmm…I didn’t know this place sold hot dogs

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Yep, Hotdogs with a side of code.


Somebody es making le changes


Can I add a tag?

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