Hosting topic for the First Annual Hopscotch Election

+1 for parallelogram


+1 for toucan

+1 for para

Toucan total projects: 13
Parallelogram total projects: 8 (including the one posted below)

+1 for parallelogram:

Total of:
Parallelogram: 9
Toucan: 13

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@FearlessPhoenix Ok I’m out until Wednesday. Thanks for announcing the results!

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Kk so @/Nobody’s suggestion

I think that’d be a good idea, except all projects will have to be weighted and that’s not necessarily fair. Gives an advantage to people that have extra time to put into a project (cuz some people are really really busy n don’t have time to create super elaborate projects) and more advanced/experienced coders


No prob

Yeah, I agree. Maybe you could rate each project out of 3 stars? Each star counts as another vote. If you wanted you could assign a committee to help judge them. I gtg now, so it’s up to you.

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Hmm maybe I’ll use something similar to what I do for nominations. If it gets above a certain score, it can count as two votes.


Cya later!


+1 para

@FearlessPhoenix Have you had time to rate the projects?

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Yep. There were a couple last min entires so I’m gonna finish those (think I have 2 left) and post the results. I’ve just been super busy, sorry

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Np! I completely understand.

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@FearlessPhoenix I’m out until Sunday afternoon pst.

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@FearlessPhoenix Where are you in the judging?

@FearlessPhoenix We really need to get these results out. If you don’t have time, I could probably do it. I’d need the projects that you’ve judged already, though.

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