HorseLover347’s General Topic #2





Sham o dignity Jim no buvk


but you are one.


No, she isn’t. She lost regular, but like a lot of other people, the title stayed. It’s some glitch with the forum.


yea thanks


@sophia71205 have you heard casting crowns song make room?


Yeah, I don’t really care for the tune, but Mark Hall’s YouVetsion devotional on it is amazing. I like I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day and While You Were Sleeping.

I’m really into Love Moved First and One More Song for You on their new album.


okay well me and my mom loveeee it
my mom had heard it in the car but forgot the name, so she made my sister look up their album and find it, and then she listened to it twice in a row on they way there and back :joy:


I mean, it’s a really deep and beautiful song word-wise.


yeah i really like it


can someone talk to me


do you like cantaloupe


Do you like yogurt,


do you like fish


Not really ig

Depends if it’s salmon and cod or not


the only fish I kind of like is catfish


Salmon and cod are tasty
And shrimps


shrimp is okay


Popcorn shrimps are life


* smiles uncomfortably *