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Hey, on the bright side, at least yours is predictable…mine comes and goes as it pleases.

Well, that sounds like literally being torn. The good news is, God never said you had to hold it together. It’s hard to learn to realize that if you fall apart on God, He will help put the pieces back together if you ask Him and allow Him. I struggle sometimes trying to keep my emotions from completely taking over me. I fall apart a lot, and most of the time, I find myself trying to nose five and catch the pieces of my taped up heart before they hit the floor. But every time I try to stop one, I either fail at stopping or another part of my emotions starts to crumble. Just yesterday, I was trying to hold it together. But there comes a time that we have to have complete faith in God and none in ourselves. “That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”-2 Corinthians 12:10 When I am weak, broken, stressed, caving in, that is when God will take the pieces and give us His strength. But He can’t take the pieces if we’re over here sulking over our problems and crying about how we can’t take it. We weren’t made to be able to take it without His help. Yeah, I still have my rough times and yes, I’ve still got much to learn about my faith. But I’ve got to start somewhere, and that somewhere may as well be right here by just handing over the broken, hurt, urges, and everything else to God and allowing Him to put the broken pieces back together. He already sees healing beyond belief even when all we can see is broken beyond repair.

Instead of trying to get your mind off of it, start by setting your mind on the fact that your citizenship is in heaven

Ily, I’ll be praying fo you, and I mean it. And I’ve seen God walk you through so much already. I know you can make it though this with His help. Kinda reminds me of Catt’s favorite verse.

This is way longer than intended, but that’s because I had to let loose my emotions to some human being…and why not now. But if anything looked really weird in this post or sounded redundant, please excuse it bc I’m tired.

On an ending note, go listen to this song that had me in sobs last night. Pay attention to the lyrics:


sophia how in the world do u know exactly what to say at all times? you word everything perfectly and honestly u know a lot
after i wrote that to you it did die done a bit and i didn’t think of it that much and i haven’t in awhile. but still thinking about it makes me crazy honestly

i honestly never knew that. seriously sophia, i seriously think God is using u to share things like this to me (of course others too)and that’s really special.

also, ik i’m d umb, but what do u mean by citizenship in heaven?



It’s in pending. I’ll just wait for the rest of it to come through but I’ll go ahead and post this:


huh okay

lol okay i’ve just got to tell u this cuz i’m super weirded out now. so my 11:11 wish was for God to show me/tell me if the guy i like is the one for me ha
and then i fell asleep. big deal lol
then my dream, it was so real and vivid, was that two friends sabotaged me and told him i liked him (i think he had a different name, i can’t remember) then he later texted me saying something like if ur the one for me and blah blah other stuff
it’s probably me overthinking it but hahahaha
just thought i’d share it with u cuz it’s kinda funny

anyways how are you doing?


First off, I never know what to say when I start off. I have to pray hard for the right words and sometimes I end up retyping half the post.

I didn’t until last week. But God reveals things over time as we need to know them.

Nah, you’re not dumb. It’s not an easy concept. Basically, when we trusted Christ, our earthly flesh died with Him, we have been resurrected with Him, and we have now risen with Him. Obviously, He is in heaven, but we are here. However, heaven is where we truly belong and He is already preparing mansions for us. That is why the Bible tells us to set our minds on things above.
To sum it all up:


I never end up having good experience with having a crush…poor piano is probably scarred for life XD

And I’m pretty good. Like I told Katie, the rough days still come but I reckon that’s just part of life.

My post came through

Oh, and with that screen shot, kinda ignore the top part. I mean, read it, but it’s an analogy from the Prince Warriors Series which you need to read.


…yeah. also that night i pulled an all-nighter facetiming him sooooooo

i mean, maybe try liking someone at your school :joy:

honestly. and we have to live with it till we di e

what’s the series about?


But you see, I want to see the Hope in Front of Me. It’s just hard some days.

Seriously, it’s about Prince Warriors. It’s an allegory of the Christian life.


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It’s Christmas pixel art time.



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