HorseLover347’s General Topic #2



It just takes me to the Google home page


Just click on the thing it will work


The play button isn’t there though


What…? Ok brb in a few minutes


Ok I’m back, another round?


Nvm I’m going to do school work


Oh shoot
You will be active enough to yeehaw occasionally right

Happy Halloween you edgy cowgirl


active rn lol

yeehaw glow bee


i’m like not doing well

s e n d h e l p


Take my offering


omg ur a blessing woooow


Are you near any of the fires ??
It’s super smokkey ouch hope you are doing a ok


No, don’t. You will die

Take my offerings.

Call 000 (or 911, if you live in America)


not really
i’m pretty far from them but who knows. it was so smokey this weekend!! r u near any??


Ok that’s good
Yeah it’s just smoky here as well everything is a ok

Just lots of smoke cough


You just asked if he was near any and y’all live close to each other…

Don’t you just love periods?

The more I think about it, the words to In My Blood need a slight modification:
Help me, it’s like the walls are caving have caved in

No medicinerubber band is strong enough

And no, I haven’t pulled out a rubber band lately, or a paper clip for that matter, but sometimes…


I know. It’s so hard. The only reason I’m not as active is because I’m busy with school so it’s hard for me to get on my phone on the forum.

I’ve been here almost 2 years…I feel old.



I know, same. I’ll have been here two years this January.


ik there’s a bunch today
really scary tbh

stay safe


they stink
supposed to get mine tomorrow woo hoo

sophia i need prayers
i’m really stressed and kinda depresse d
i want to go back to normal school cuz i h ate my school but there’s so much about normal school i h ate. i cant get it off my mind and i keep crying
sorry i just need to rant
i have so much rn i can’t even keep it together