HorseLover347’s General Topic #2



Greaaaat. More people messing with stuff they shouldn’t be messing with.
Well, who lounged it? @Gobli09, you know? I think you unlounge it. I’m pretty sure you did, so thank you.

Yeah. The competition di.ed anyway, so you’d probably be the only one doing it. Actually, this time, I’ll quote you and say

because that is pretty true for me.
I’d do your contest. Remix a project of mine on Hopscotch w the instructions and I’ll do it. I probably won’t be here when you post the official instructions.


anyone on


i need song recommendations


who’s heard first place by larray the kween


god i need to stop


Lisa is always on


Demons by imagine dragons


I have a music forum game whichever is basically a song recommendation place.
You might find a song you like there.
What kind of music do you like? Like, what genre of music should I recommend a song from?


i like pop, and rap
and ok i’ll look there


In that case, I probably won’t be able to give you any song suggestions. I could you nu-metal suggestions (which is basically rap combined with heavy metal) if you want


sure, any songs u like would be great thx :))


You might like KoRn.
Listen to Narcissistic Cannibal (ft Skrillex and Kill the Noise (I think))


demons and counting stars did you listen to me ma’am


honey those are old songs


that’s rudeeeeee

I lived


heard all of those

gimme more


sky full of stars
can we dance
we dont care (there’s lines about drinking though)
all night
nico and the niners


good i only know like one of those so
i’ll chevk em out


Hello! You have mail!


in new york i milly rock