HorseLover347’s General Topic #2



Listen up kid I have homework for you
Post one nursery rhyme from YouTube about the abc’s each day for a week and I’ll give you $5 ok


how tho

i’m older than u uhh

  1. Magic
  2. No I’m 84 years old


i’m really starting to not like my friends. they are super immature

a guy texts them back one word and it ‘makes their year’
and i’m happy for their successes, yet they only care about themselves? i tell them anything exciting and they’ll say ‘cool’ ‘oh did i tell u about this hot guy’

like why can’t u guys just be happy for me?

they are freaking out about a guy who doesn’t even know them who said good to them
yet they don’t care when my crush actually really talks to me

it’s enough to make me cry


i just can’t

i’m so stressed right now

anything people say reminds me of something i have to do or have to worry about

riding is hard
i don’t have confidence
my friends are mean this year
my school suucks
and my mom



2018 sucks

7th grade sucks

My life sucks


that’s super lame and im sorry about it! i hope things get better for you. its really the worst when things you like stress you out and i have no advice at all! but ur super cool so i hope ur friends and stuff start shaping up u deserve it <3


thank you <3 just you responding helps, and everything u said means a lot!!


Я здоров, ты?


You practice Russian too? :slight_smile:


No, I use Google Translate.


тоже самое


@SweeTeaStuffz hi i’m really stressed because my mom might shave off her hair tomorrow
i remember u talking about when ur mom did and i’m just really stressed and feel like i’ll never get used to it
do u have any advice


uhh just tell her do do it now because it’ll help a find a new image faster and get used to it

Because you and her both should realize that what is what’s it’s going to be like until she hopefully gets in remission

eh This is mixed up but I hope you got the message



my mom lost her hair




Oh no :cry::frowning:

Which reminds me, next month is Pancreatic cancer awareness month. I’ll probably start a coding competition for it, so if I do, I’ll need help promoting it (nobody ever seems to join my contests)


i know. and she had such beautiful thick hair
ok, ya i’ll make a project for that

u should make a topic for it when it starts


I will make a topic…in November. And I’m probably gonna add National Adoption Month to it to.


@FearlessPhoenix I think your topic got lounged. And dang it. I need to start working on you competition.