HorseLover347’s General Topic #2



haha cool

anything else u do for fun??


I usually stay home mainly. I have highschool and it’s a lot harder than I thought it would be.


yeah i bet.


Yeah, we get test right after we learn something .


oh that suckks!!


Yeah. We got two hurricanes. Florence and Michael which is coming tomorrow.


oh wow! michael? i haven’t heard of that one


It’s a new one. It’s a category 4 right now…


oh wow. do u have to evacuate? i live in california, so idk anything’s bout hurricanes


I dont think so right now. I hope not, we had to evacuate when Florence hitted us.


so did u have to leave the state, or your house?


I don’t know. Моя мама и бабушка watch the news, not me.




Oh, I keep running into you today, lol.





Привет! Как дела?


ayeee same

florence wasnt as bad as projected, but it got bad but that monday where we started flooding and tornadoes caused me to wake up early smh

michael… i was like o we cancelling school for a hurricane happening in florida lolol

but then… the eye went over my house yesterday and my school flooded a bit and dang

it was still a tropical storm, and it completely up rooted a tree in my yard


That’s why you don’t mess around with hurricanes.

@HorseLover347, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I finally listened to “In My Blood” last week. It’s pretty good. Not my preferred style of music, but it’s super relatable.


wow finally

i figured you’d find it super relatable, i really like it

also you know the song you say? it was on the regular radio (pop)


Woah. But that makes since bc it’s at like the top of the Billboard songs rn.