HorseLover347’s General Topic #2



I am very fine how about you

Sham bo diggity hello


i’m alright

so ur back two days in a row :clap:t2::scream:


Hehe :upside_down_face: yeah I’m happy
What’s been happening here lately?


not much, really

but i may be wrong and just haven’t noticed anything lol


What happened to my olde gt
I’m gonna make a new one

(Oh! It must have been blocked because it was in the wrong category!!) (rats)


ana either closed it or that happened
she closed my old one :((

yeah make a new oneee


It’s gonna be a fr that remembers the old closed gt’s

It’s come back season


she closed almost everyone’s it suucks


Yeah I know why did she do that

Spoiling all of fredricc’s fun


:(( what a meanie


Poor fredricc
And still untaggable too


the poor kid it must be so hard for him


I know, he’s taking it real badly
Poor fellow


poor guy his heart must be broken </3 :((


I know, I wish someone could comfort him
I’ve been trying to but he doesn’t want to talk to me


he must be super sad then!


More than I can put to words :(((


sorry buddy :(((




How am I almost out of likems