HorseLover347’s General Topic #2



Idk. I’m only semi-familiar with the Stanford area.


which is


Southish of the Bay. Stanford, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Atheron, Santa Clara, etc.

Btw, go listen to Burn the Ships by For King and Country.




Hello there. Just popping in for a minute. I’m working on school work



look can’t u please tell me who that person was??

i won’t do anything stu pid, like call them out


I’ll indirectly tell you…
They said my xyarin rurkw
Key: abc=lvx

Haha, if you seriously can’t figure it out, I’ll tell you, but go ahead and make an educated guess.


have no clue.


You’ll have to start there and some of the next several posts.

And flip, I was so d.umb back then. I get it now. I seriously didn’t realize that their belief in Satan’s “helpfulness” had anything to do with them trying to kts.

This is like the missing piece of the puzzle that has been there the whole time, but I didn’t realize it until looking back on it over a year later :woman_facepalming:t2:


oh dang


that’s really rough


@FearlessPhoenix, I think you got notified anyways bc I quoted your post. So if you don’t want to answer this question, that’s fine and completely understandable, but do you credit Satan for keeping you from not dying after you tried to kys?

I got the complete opposite result. Okay, well, I never tried to kms…but I got close enough. But it made me detest Satan and enter into a relationship with Jesus as my Savior.

And I respect whatever your beliefs are, I’m just trying to figure out how I missed this piece of information last time I read that conversation.


The tonsils/ear thingy or the calling out to Satan part? They were in India at the time too. I remember joking around about their doctor’s visit over that. Oh yeah, and I know you’re probably against doing this, but try to remember to use them/they/their pronouns for Fearless. They identify as a female (or they did last time they were on), but they just prefer neutral pronouns.


just it overall

and okay


Yeah, summer of 2017 was interesting…I mean, that’s only one of two summers that I’ve been on here, but still…
Of course, interesting can mean good or bad…


what happened


I mean, it was really good, I made and strengthened a lot of my good friendships then and learned the art of staying up late just to chat on the forum, but that was the summer right before Mimi left (yeah, don’t mention anything to her though about it…)


yeah i remember when i was super cringey and u cat hsr and photo and me all talked like all day (maybe i’m
remembering it wrong idk)
but that was fun




hello how are you