Horrible ‘My Rules’ placement


I hope no one working over there at Hopscotch gets mad about anything I say, but I know you guys take feedback seriously.

Ever since I started, Hopscotch has changed their design and ordering of blocks about every other month until the massive overhaul for mobile support. This never bothered me and I found the updates easy to get used to. But now, with this new Custom Rules update, I’ve found it harder than ever than to quickly create a project without accidentally clicking one of the default rules (Bold Text to be specific.) Adding on to that, I have to wait for the animation and then I have to fumble around deleting it. This is really bad design, when I don’t want to analyze and divide my whole attention to the menu every time. I think this ‘My Rules’ thing should be placed over in the IPAD section called ‘Custom Rules’ and then it’d bring a drop down menu for further control. As far as I know, people don’t want to only use My Rules for everything and be forced to have to swipe to the left every time just to access ‘When __ is touched.’

I really hope this gets taken into consideration and no one takes serious offense to this, but holy man it’s frustrating. Thanks.

Week 1 Update


I actually agree with this. But I think it will take some getting used too.


Yes, I get your point.
I partly agree with you—for me it was kind of annoying to scroll anytime I want to add “When _ bumps _”, but, at the same time, I think that in a few weeks we’ll adapt to our new features.




Yeah I’m about to hit a custom rule instead of “when game starts” but then realize it’s misplaced. It would also work if the custom rules were at the END of the rules list.


I so agree! Good idea!


i think the reason for the placement of rules were they are is because of custome blocks being first.


Yeah, I was thinking it was because of consistency, but yet again, I don’t agree with the placement of custom blocks either.


Mhm, we’ll have to see how this turns out in the long run.


I totally agree with you on this one.


I get your point. I liked the new update and the new thing, but I see how it may take some time to get used to and how it can be a huge disadvantage! Thank you for letting me see the different side of the story. Both sides are totally right! :smile:



After using this for a while, my opinions haven’t changed at all, but my way to fix it has. After coding on one of my old projects that doesn’t have any custom rules in it, I found it as easy as it used to be before the update. So here’s my new way to fix it: keep My Rules in the same place, but don’t have any default ones, or turn it into a toggle to show/don’t show all custom rules. If the Hopscotch Team decides not to do this, there’s a self-fix — delete all of the custom rules manually.


thats aactuly a reely good idea