Horrible Histories Television Show a MEGA COLLAB!


So I am addicted to the show Horrible Histories. Sad thing is I do not live in a country that has it on tv so I watch it at school. But I would like to make a horrible history game and if anyone is interested then could you please tell me what you would like to be here are the spots...

2 please
History collectors
3 people please
5 who are experienced
Beta Testers
1 or 2
need 2 - 10
We will also need a lot of helpers so about 2-6

Skill Levels

1-3 people
unlimited amount
unlimited amount

The only reason I do not want too much beginners (started between November - December this year) is because quite a lot of more advanced coders will used advanced codes and the beginners will not understand (hope that clears things up)

Thanks for reading and I hope you join

We will also have people working on seperate sections
Gorgeous Georgians etc.

Thanks soo much for reading this whole lot of stuff and I hope that it makes sense.

Also the collab will only start if we have enough people so, ask your friends to please join if you have any on hopscotch.


Can't you go on the hopscotch app


Does this mean you can not go on hopscotch.


The collab won't offically start till a few weeks


Is that OK with you? If it is what will you like to be?


So you want to be a...


That's a cool idea! When more people join we can do this


Can I join?
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History collectors, that sounds like me...? I guess I love history, have the whole boxed set of HH DVDs and love Georgian Era


Can I be a co-leader @Bubblyoreo?


Idk if i want to join or not but ok i guess


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I'd like to be a beta tester. I would contribute in coding, but time isn't easy to get on my hands nowadays. I will help you by writing pros and cons (I tend to write a LOT) but that's the most I can do.


Yes of course. What would you like to be?


Yes please that would be awesome. @JaszyKake


Sure thing @Phase_Studios I love your projects you will make a great co-leader


What would you like to be? If you want to do it


Yes. I think you would be wonderful at it


Thank you for helping out. It's so generous of you. Thank You, Thank You


A history collector.