Horizontal Drafts in the New Version!


Here's how to get those old horizontal hopscotch drafts.

(It's a cheat that I found out!)

  1. Get a random project that is horizontal (if you made hopscotch projects before this new update use them), Tap on the 3 dots, and save as a draft on your profile

  2. Delete all of the text objects and other stuff (let go when you see a white cloud on the bottom part of the black screen

  3. Wahoo your draft is empty!

Here are pics in step to step order


Remember to search before you post :D
I already made a topic about this


Will the old format still stay the same? I prefer the old editing format than the new one. Everything else I like!


Thanks for showing us how to delete the objects too! (I didn't know how to do that actually :sweat_smile:)




Ik @AHappyCoder, you always get there before I can...