Hopx v.1 out now!


I've worked months on this, and it's finally out!


The rules of the game are simple, you either keep the three cards you are dealt with, or switch one card out. The only thing is, you don't which card will be switched out and if it will be given a higher or lower number. Then, the computer generates a random number, and you see if you or the computer scored higher.

Let me know what you think! I know there are some major design errors, like things being off centered, but I plan to fix those soon. Please give feedback on my code specifically!

1 is the worst, 20 is the best!

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It's good, but it's really short, how about you make multiple rounds and at the end there's a winner, like a best 2/3 system.
Also, you could make the numbers look more like cards by adding a picture or something in the background.


Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'm going to add random hopscotchers profile pics or something like that, to make them look like cards


Oh, also you could make the computer AI look like an opponent.


It's a cool game, but it's really simplistic. Maybe add a background? Instead of saying "who won? Remix..." you could make the code detect who won.


where's the 22 button...?


Uhh, it's kinda unbalanced. You always get something like 100, and the computer always gets something like 13....


I like the game!


Thank you!