Hoptale-Undertale Engine



So, you may or may not have played undertale. If you haven't, I suggest you do, It's a great game, I've talked with the developer, and then some. Some people are trying to make custom battles with in the code, but I've decided just to make an engine you can copy, branch, and make your own battle.
Hoptale-RED includes:
White attacks(Attacks you NEED to dodge)
Blue attacks (Attacks you NEED to stand still for)
Orange attacks (Attacks you NEED to move through)
A simple movement setup
Setting health
Attacks deal damage(Check heart character for code)

1.0- Hoptale released
1.2-Orange and blue attacks more responsive, UI improvements, Debug info menu(find text and set to one). (Thanks to @Stradyvarious for the code and @intellection74 for the help
1.3-Green attacks added, heals you, Editing UI improvements.
b.1.4- (BETA) Blue Soul added, bit glitchy. @Stradyvarious, you might see what I was trying to make in that.
The credit thing NEEDS to say on it, or else I will report. You may give credit to your self for the level design if you so choose one.

Other engines that have the different playstyle is on its way.

Agenda(battles/playstyles): Toriel, Blue, Papyrus, Green, Undyne, Purple, Muffet, Yellow, Mettaton, Platforms, Sans
Plus any other updates I'm making while making the things above.
Making the Toriel battle is hard. Why? Because I have no idea how to use sin/cos for the most part. I'm able to get a bullet moving left and right using sin, but making it move down....
Search up for Hoptale- 1.3 to get the project, or search up my name- pazon123


Ohhhhhhhhhhkkkkkkkkkkkkkki? 🤔


Something wrong? I can answer any questions you have.


Is undertake a game in Hopscotch?


Uh, no. It's a real game. I just made an engine to make your own battles for it. Because the battle system in the real game is very unique.


So what does this have to do with hopscotch?


An engine in hopscotch... Thats why it is called Hoptale.


Ahh, now it's becoming clearer


@Foxythepiratefox, aren't you a fan of this game? :wink:


I've heard of Undertale but never played it before..
Your project looks pretty cool!
The only thing is.. I'm not quite sure on how to play..


Its kinda of a play/make. What the project does is just show that there is a template for the attacks you would see. It's up to you to make them move in a way you want them to, add a story, character, etc.


Just a quick note: Custom levels will be made by me. Just to show what you can to with Hoptale-RED


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@Intellection74 It's Done, I just don't have the link. Search up for Hoptale-Undertale Engine or my name, I'm sure you'll find it.


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Just remixed it, and plan to continue working on it later. I absolutely love undertale and the engine you built was great!!


@Calico2.0 I wouldn't try to make battles that use different playstyles (shooter, blocker, music lines, jumping) as hoptale will get many updates, Including implemented battles for those styles.


New Update for all, releasing in a few minutes. Thank you to @Stradyvarious for the help, blue and orange attacks now work properly, plus a few UI changes.


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Link to a remix i did with hp able to go up when purple circles start spinning around the arena and the heart touches them while moving
They appear every 8 secs and disappear every 8 secs
Use them in your game if you like